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"Watching and accompanying Anita on her music healing sessions has been inspiring and comforting. It’s been a pleasure to perform with her for the last 20 years, either at a jazz club or a hospital, spreading her passion for music and love for all beings.”

- Ronnie Gutierrez, World Touring, Award Winning Percussionist

My name is Ana (Anita) Robles and I am a musician, teacher, behaviorist, Creative Activities Facilitator and Wellness Coach. A few years back, motivated by my mother’s upcoming Alzheimer's disease, I created a program of using the letters of the alphabet to remember concepts that can help everyone balance all aspects of their lives.

I wrote 3 meditative music pieces called Awareness, Balance and Change. Since then, I have provided numerous music sessions with memory games, words and songs especially targeted for the elderly, the mentally challenged and the recovering from substance abuse populations. I also provide Art, Improv, and Dance sessions.

Above is a sample video for "The ABCs of Healing" one of a kind music album by Anita. For a full CD hardcopy email Anita Directly. In addition, I provide one on one Wellness Coaching designed to address any physical, mental or emotional imbalances in your life. Simple affirmations and actions based on words and fun activities. Self-acceptance, Self-love, Community and a good sense of Humor are the first steps toward necessary changes. We can do it together. Thank you!!!

In Love, Health and Peace. Ana

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